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The Fēmina Team

Who We Are


Cindy Enerio


Mom of 7 with a background in marketing. Beauty bar owner & co-founder of Kinaiya Beauty, social media influencer, and a facilitator of change in the financial industry. Cindy has a passion for helping others achieve their greatest potential and inspiring women to bring out their inner goddess through self-love.

Anvy Luu


Independent Mother of 2, with a background in Wedding Planning & Event Design. Her journey through personal development shifted her into the entrepreneurial world of Financial Planning & Education with World Financial Group, where she is growing and training a strong team of leaders to be licensed in the industry within her agency. Anvy finds fulfillment in providing families & individuals with the tools and literacy needed, to advocate positive change and build strong financial habits with her client base.


Christine Marshall


Mother of 4, former makeup artist & retail professional, current independent broker & agency owner. Christine has the desire to make an impact in the world, by providing millions with financial independence. She is always on the lookout for great talent to join her on the mission to eliminate salary slavery and provide abundance and freedom to all who desire it.

Fatima Rahimi


A highly sought after barber with over a decade experience. Fatima always focussed on building a profitable business in 2020 she transitioned industries to finance with World Financial Group which has given her complete control of her life. Currently on a mission to educate and empower others to do the same.


Emily Vigna


Mother of 2, entrepreneur at heart. Spa owner & financial professional; growing two businesses simultaneously to positively impact the quality of life for people in her community & beyond. Emily is a firm believer that opportunity should be freely given to all who seek it, and she is always looking to add to her growing organization.

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