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The Future is Fēmina.

The Fēmina Empire is a non-profit financial education networking hub that supports women-led businesses through collaboration & impact. In our partnerships, we find strength in collectively giving back across the GTA.

The founding members of The Fēmina Empire are on a collective mission to revolutionize the landscape for women in the financial industry and in business as a whole.

Our impact is to create an environment in which women from all walks of life can come together to learn, share and discover the infinite possibilities of business ownership & new opportunities. 

Our objective is to raise awareness and disrupt what we have known to be true about both finance and business; to leave women more empowered than we first found them, through curated events and seminars. All proceeds are raised to support local shelters & community.

The industry of finance is broken, as are many of the relationships that exist between women and money & we’re here to change that!

Fē is a revolution in financial education and networking.


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(647) 901-3689

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